AHK: Autosave Screenshots from PrintScreen

If you use Windows 8, then read my post on how to automatically save into file by using Win+PrintScreen. But many many don't always have Windows 8 running on their computers yet. That doesn't mean you should be deprived of that luxury.

What are we talking about?
You hit PrintScreen, then open MSPaint, then Ctrl+V, then Save, find folder to save, enter file name, click Save, then Close MSPaint.
What if you had to do this 100 times a day?

That's why I have created this AHK script to make that job just as easy as hitting PrintScreen.

I've created 2 scripts, each uses Ctrl+PrintScreen or Win+PrintScreen.
Once you have installed the scripts, when you press Ctrl+PrintScreen or Win+PrintScreen your full screen will be copied to MSPaint and then saved in Pictures\Screenshots folder with a unique timestamp file name.

Magic? Give it a try.

Here is the code for Ctrl+PrintScreen.
You can edit the folder to save, file name format, or even Hotkey to anything you wish. See my other AHK posts to help you do that.

SaveClip := ClipBoardAll
FileNameAndPath := "%UserProfile%\Pictures\Screenshots\screenshot_" . a_now . ".jpg"

Run, mspaint
WinWaitActive, Paint
Sleep, 100
Send, ^v
Sleep, 100
Send, ^s
WinWaitActive, Save As
Clipboard = %FileNameAndPath%
Send, ^v
Sleep, 100
Send, {Enter}
Sleep, 100
Send, {AltDown}f{AltUp}xn
Clipboard =

If you need help, sure leave comments.

You know what to do once you have the script:

Below are the links to download stand alone EXE files to auto-save. No codes to worry. Just double-click and you are good to go. I assure you there aren't any sneaky things hidden. Plain simple code made into executable for those who don't want to install AutoHotKey and deal with scripts. 

Control+PrintScreen - This is an EXE. 

Windows+PrintScreen - This is an EXE. 

Note: Install only one of the PrintScreen scripts. Installing multiple scripts might not be a good idea.  Also Win+PrintScreen might not work right if you are running Windows 8 and the key combination is already used by the OS to actually perform the same function as the code. 

Note: You will have to create destination folder before executing the script. 

If you have trouble downloading or customizing the script, leave a message in the comments.
Hope this helps you, especially if your job involves a lot of documenting of screenshots.

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