Embed a PDF file inside a Blogger Post

I wanted to embed files inside my blogger posts, and I thought why not write a post about it. So here it is.

We will embed a PDF file into a Blogger post, using a third party website Scribd.
  1. You will need to open an account in Scribd. It's free and just requires a sign-up. 
  2. Now have your PDF ready on your computer. 
  3. After you login to your Scribd account, on your home page you will see an Upload button. 
  4. Click on it and upload you file and Save it. 
  5. Click on the PDF file after it is uploaded. 
  6. Select Embed Doc, and then Copy the code.
  7. Come back to your blogger post, and go to the HTML tab. 
  8. In your post settings, expand Options. 
  9. Select "Interpret typed HTML".
  10. Now in the position where you want your PDF to be embedded, paste the code you previously copied. 
  11. Now when you Preview or Publish your post you will be able to see your PDF embedded.  
  12. I have included the below PDF in the same way as described in the steps above. 

Hope this helps you all. Try it and let me know. 

Note: The steps and screenshots in websites are current as on 2/22/2012. It might change at a later date if the websites change their design. 


  1. Thank you, this was really helpful!

  2. If you are using Google Blogger, it might be simpler to used Google Drive to upload the file and capture the HTML to embed the document, rather than use scribd as a document library.

    1. Hi Arthur. Thank you for your comment. This post was written before Google drive offered the feature. Although even if it can be done now, I personally do not suggest to upload and share docs publicly from Google Drive because most people use it as a personal account, might not be willing to make their docs public accessable. In addition to the limited (free) Drive storage capacity.

    2. Hi. This service here allows you to easily edit your PDF documents.

      You can fill out PDF form, save it, fax it, and email it.


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