Fake Work Desktop Wallpapers to fool nosy co-workers

Everyone at least once in their life have experienced or will come across nosy co-workers who always want to spy on what you are doing or which website you are browsing now. Sometimes you can just avoid them other times you may not be so lucky. But here's a way to at least fool them have have some fun at their expense.

Enter Fake Wallpapers...!!!

Yes, I'm talking about the desktop wallpapers and how to trick co-workers by making your own wallpapers.

Open a document which is very obvious to anyone in your team which says "project related".
It could be a word document or a power-point presentation, or maybe a special application or software used in your team. If you use multiple monitors, open these documents or applications in all the monitors in maximized mode, in other words - cover up your screen with work related stuff.

Hide your Desktop Icons for authentic look. Right-click on your desktop, go to View, and then un-check "Show Desktop Icons". 

Fun mode: If you want to have fun, you can open up a spreadsheet or a word doc and prepare a fake report or document, which can say something like "Downsizing Proposal, prepared by (your name)", or "Monthly Appraisal Report for (insert your co-workers name who always annoys you)".

Look out for such fake documents at the end of the post to download.

  • Once you have set up your screen as you want, hit "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. 
  • Open MS Paint, or any other picture editor and press Ctrl+V, or right-click and Paste. 
  • Make sure the screen resolution is the same as your monitor screen resolution, and if you have multiple screens, the resolution will correctly include all your monitors. Don't worry if you make mistakes, a couple of trial and errors will not matter. 
  • Now save your picture in a high resolution .png or .jpg file. The reason why its required a high resolution is because it should look very real and not arise suspicion. 
  • Now set this image as your wallpaper. Voila...!!! Now everybody thinks you are working all the time. 
  • Tip for people who use multiple monitors, if you use Windows 7, then follow the below steps to make sure you wallpaper displays correctly. 
    • Right-click on your desktop and click Personalize. 
    • Click on Desktop Background. 
    • Browse for your wallpaper location, and select it. 
    • Make sure picture position is set to "Tile" so that your wallpaper displays correctly over multiple monitors. 
    • Click Save Changes. 
    • Now your are set too. 
Advanced Tip: 
After you make several such fake work wallpapers you can put them all in one folder. To make your life easier, create a new folder in "My Pictures", and name it "Work Wallpapers", and store all the wallpapers in there. 
  • Right-click on your desktop and go to Personalize. 
  • Click on Desktop Background. 
  • Browse for your wallpaper location folder "Work Wallpapers". 
  • Click on Select All button. 
  • Select "change picture every" to a preferred time and check Shuffle. 
Now your wallpaper rotates, and you don't need to worry about your nosy co-worker suspecting your fake wallpaper. 

Now here are some fake work wallpapers for you. Of course you can make your own, or write your requests or screen resolution in the comments section and I'll make you special wallpapers.

The below wallpaper is about 4MB; I have not compressed it on purpose. I can make other sizes for similar wallpapers. Just send in the requests.

To make this wallpaper look authentic on any screen resolution, select the "Tile" option in your wallpaper settings if your monitor is smaller than this wallpaper, or select "Center" if your monitor is bigger than this wallpaper. 

Also below is the PDF Version of this document, in case you want to make it yourself.

Fake Report

Now go have some fun.

I'll add more such fun wallpapers often, I mean, for how long can you constantly work on just one report right? ;-)


  1. Awesome, ppl will freak out when they see this doc on the desktop screen.

  2. Great for those times when you just need to zone and need something productive to appear on your screen.


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