Install Swype on Kindle Fire

I’m not responsible if anything happens to your Kindle Fire or any other device by following anything that is suggested here.

Now that the disclaimer’s over, this is how I got Swype to install on my Kindle Fire.

  1. First of all you need to root your Kindle Fire. See my post on how to root your Kindle Fire easily using Kindle Fire Utility.
  2. Make sure you have Superuser on your rooted Kindle Fire.
  3. You will also need Root Explorer or any other app which will let you move files to System folder. I used Root Explorer. File Expert or ES File Explorer will work just as good; both of them are free while Root Explorer costs $3.99.
  4. Go to using your laptop. You can do it from your KF too, but its just going to be faster from a bigger screen and a real keyboard.
  5. This works as off today 6/20/2012. Click on Get Swype.
  6. Select Download Swype Beta.
  7. Register using your email.
  8. You will get an account activation code.
  9. Now open your KF, and open in your email.
  10. Click on the link in the email.
  11. Your browser in KF will open and follow the instructions to download and install.
  12. Enter the activation code when it asks for it.
  13. After everything is done, you will get to Enable Swype.
  14. Stop at this point.
  15. Using Root Explorer (or any other explorer) and navigate to \data\apps.
  16. Look for the apk for Swype. The installed apk, not the installer apk.
  17. Move (or cut and paste) the apk to \system\app.
  18. If you get warnings of the \system\app folder as not writable, then allow superuser to access the Explorer you are using and make that folder as writable. This will change with the kind of Explorer you are using. You could be mounting the folder as r/w in most explorers. The plan is to make the \system\app as writable.
  19. Reboot your Kindle Fire.
  20. Now go to any app which has a text area to type, like Email, or Facebook, or Twitter app.
  21. Press and hold on the text field for a couple of seconds.
  22. A Dialog will pop up for Input Method.
  23. Select Swype.
  24. You will get an error that Swype is not working and will Force Close.
  25. You might keep getting this constantly, don’t panic.
  26. Using the Root Explorer go to \system\app and install the apk for Swype, the one which we moved earlier.
  27. Complete installation.
  28. Open Email, or Facebook or Twitter.
  29. You Swype will open up asking you to agree the Agreement and continue.
  30. Congratulations. You have just installed Swype, a better way to use your Kindle Fire.

Problem: Not able to move or copy the apk on \system\app
If you are not able to copy into the \system\app then you probably don’t have the write access to this folder. See my post to install Superuser on your Kindle Fire and this should help you get access to the folder using which ever Explorer you use.

Problem: After re-booting your Kindle Fire, Swype doesn’t work and throws pop-up error message and force close.
This happens to some users, after re-starting their KF, but nothing to worry about. Follow Step 26 and 27, that is -
Using the Root Explorer go to \system\app and install the apk for Swype, the one which we moved earlier. Complete installation.

Happy Swyping!

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