Root Kindle Fire 6.3 using Kindle Fire Utility

Okay I’m going to say the usual disclaimer stuff first. This post is about what I did to root my Kindle Fire (KF) and the problems I faced and how I solved them. I’m not responsible for any damage that happens to your Kindle Fire or any other device either by following the below steps or by downloading anything suggested here.

I’ve been using KF unrooted for a while now, and then I got bored of the stock keyboard. That was the actual thing to make me root it. So my search to find the easiest way to root began. I’m pretty sure that many might disagree with me, but I thought Kindle Fire Utility (KFU) is the best and easiest way to root KF.

Kindle Fire Utility can be downloaded from the xda-developers website. At the time of writing Version 0.9.6 is the latest and that is the one I’m using.

KF = Kindle Fire
KFU = Kindle Fire Utility

Downloading, Installing and Running KFU:

  1. You will need a fully charged KF, and the USB cable to connect your KF to your laptop.
  2. Download KFU and extract it to your desktop or a convenient folder. This is how your files will look like after extraction.
  3. According to the instructions, all the drivers need to be correctly installed for your KFU to run correctly and detect your KF.
  4. If you don’t have your drivers installed correctly, then you are supposed to run install_drivers.bat file. You can connect your KF now or not. It wouldn’t matter.
  5. Connect your KF.
  6. Run the file run.bat
  7. Your screen will look something like this.

Problem: ADB Status is Offline
Now this is will probably be the first problem you encounter. Check my post on ADB Status is Offline while rooting Kindle Fire on how to resolve it.

Now hopefully your would have gotten your screen to show ADB Status as Online now. Proceed.

Selecting the options to root Kindle Fire:

  1. Select option 2 for Install Permanent Root with Superuser.
  2. Let the tool do its job, just wait for it, and keep watching the screen to know when its done. Your KF might boot several times here.
  3. After its done, your screen will look like this.
  4. Yay, you have successfully rooted your Kindle Fire.
  5. Now lets check if the Superuser has been installed correctly. We need this Superuser because we will need to modify the read/write permissions on folders to have complete control of KF.
  6. Open your kindle and check if the Superuser is showing in the carousel on top.  You can also check it from Apps. It should be showing up.
    shot_000001 shot_000002

Problem: Superuser is not installed.
We will need the Superuser. So check my post on how to get Superuser on your Kindle Fire.
Hope this will get you your superuser on the KF.

Installing Google Play Store:

If you have to follow the steps for installing Superuser using apk from my other post, then you would probably already have Google Play Store installed here.
You will not able to access Google Play Store from the Kindle Launcher. You need to use Go Launcher EX. Other than that you have your Play Store. All apps may not be compatible with KF, so happy exploring.

If you did not have your Google Apps installed, then

  1. Connect your KF to the laptop.
  2. Run run.bat.
  3. Make sure ADB status is online.
  4. Select option 6 for Extras.
  5. Select option 1 for Install Google Apps / Go Launcher EX.
  6. Complete the installation.
  7. You will be able to access Google Apps thru Go Launcher EX.
    shot_000004 shot_000006

Hope this helps you to root your Kindle Fire, And install Google Play Store.
Again, I’m not responsible if anything happens to your Kindle Fire or any other device. This is what I did and it worked for me.

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