Rooting Kindle Fire using KFU: ADB Status is Offline

The usual disclaimer stuff first. This post is about what I did to root my Kindle Fire (KF) and the problems I faced and how I solved them. I’m not responsible for any damage that happens to your Kindle Fire or any other device either by following the below steps or by downloading anything suggested here. 

So this post is more of a follow up of the other post of mine which says how I rooted my Kindle Fire. So you are using Kindle Fire Utility to root your KF and after your run the Run.bat your screen looks like this.


ADB Status is Offline.

Possible Causes:

  1. Kindle Fire is not connected properly.
    => Check your connections, and run run.bat again.
  2. Drivers are not installed properly.
    => Run install_drivers.bat again and run run.bat again.

Okay you did both and it still says DB Status is offline. Okay at this point you need to do a few more steps, but don’t worry its really very easy.

  1. Connect your KF.
  2. Open Device Manager in your laptop.
  3. Look for Android Phone >> Android Composite ADB Interface.
  4. Right Click.
  5. Click Uninstall.
  6. Complete the Uninstall.
  7. Disconnect your KF from the laptop.
  8. Wait for a minute or so, and connect your KF again.
  9. Now when you open your Device Manager on your laptop again, your will see Android Phone >> Android Composite ADB Interface.
  10. There might be a small yellow caution sign on the ABD Interface, this is good.
  11. Right Click on this again and click Update Driver Software.
  12. Select Browse my Computer for driver software.
  13. Select the location for the Kindle Fire Utility\drivers\kindle folder.
  14. Complete updating the driver.
  15. Run run.bat again.
  16. Your screen will look like this.
  17. Your ADB Status will be Online.
  18. Now your can continue to root your Kindle Fire. See my other post on how to continue.

Hope this works for you. If not, let me know and we can probably figure out why its not working.


  1. sadly i tryed this and still not working,hope you can get to me soon =/

  2. Hi David, The most common problem for getting the "offline" error is the improper installation of the drivers. I suggest your check if the USB cable you are using works fine. Kindle doesn't work the same with all Micro USB cables (weird, but it happens). Follow the steps again, and after uninstalling Android Composite ADB Interface, restart both your laptop and Kindle Fire, and continue the steps. After uninstalling, do NOT run the install_drivers.bat file. Only run run.bat file. Let me know if this works.

  3. Been there - done that - dozens of times - and still can't see Kindle via ADB. This is on XP. Any further ideas.

  4. XP might look like the problem here. I don't know if the Kindle Fire Utility was built to be run on XP. Could you try borrowing someone's laptop with Vista or Windows 7 and trying the whole process again. Kindle will not be fixed to any laptop, so you could try using your friend's to run KFU. If it still doesn't work, then more troubleshooting is needed.

  5. What about the boot status do u get it online

  6. Wait.... forget that do you make the boot status 4000

    1. Hi Anonymous, are you the same person who posted the previous comment "What about the boot status do u get it online". If yes, please use at least a Pseudo name while commenting so that it will be easier to help.

      Anyways, what are the things you have done until now on your Kindle Fire? I suggest you follow my posts on Kindle Fire rooting from first. Here is the link:

      Is your ADB Status Online or Offline? What does your current Boot Status display?

  7. Yes i was the one who posted the two anonymous posts. I havent gotten the chance to use your technique yet and was wondering what you meant by steps 13. You can just call me 11111

  8. it took forever to get my KF to become online but i got it. Now my problem is that i got a screen that said KF was directed to fast boot and now it is stuck on the kindle fire startup screen. please help

    1. Correction. Ive been able to reboot now. ive been able to install clock work and firefirefire but when i go to instal twrp it says oops something went wrong with the download, please try download again. ive tried like 20 times and get the same thing. if i try to just root it says the recovery download is not correct. help?

  9. How did you manage to get it online?

    1. through KFU i chose boot options and did a normal reboot. then it started up np prob. Still cant get it rooted though or twrp to install

  10. hey Kusuma, i tried your technique and every time i unintall the Adb composite device thing and then plug my kindle back in, the yellow signs pops up but them disappears and is replaced by the other one

  11. I had this issue, turns out the problem was the USB cable I was using. Replaced with a Staples USB and no more issues.

  12. I had this issue, turns out the problem was the USB cable I was using. Replaced with a Staples USB and no more issues.

  13. I have a kindle fire with ver 6.3 am trying to root it. I have tried three diffent usb cables uninstalled, rebooted, drivers load, device recognized and accessable, but when I run utility "offline" is the furthest i am getting. Should I buy another cable? If so what should I be looking for because the three i have used are all different manufacturered cables although they work with windows and the kindle they are not working for what I am trying to do which is root my kindle.

  14. I had this problem last night, there's a bug in the installdriver's.bat file.

    it needs quotations (") around username to account for usernames with spaces, (first last).

    unfortunately I'm not at my computer right now so I can't copy the exact text to edit.

  15. Help me!!! This worked for me the first time. I was ONLINE status and then halfway through trying to reboot my kf through the utility I went offline and now every time I try and follow these steps again it tells me that my device is unrecognized. Am I even making sense???

    1. Oh and thank you for the very helpful article!

  16. sooo my adb status is online but my boot status is unknown im trying the uninstalling another time but last time i ran run.bat i got error codes. idk if im anon or not so call me 13

  17. well now ive done some playing around, and when i run installdrivers.bat by double clicking it turns my kindle into adb android phone on device manager whoever it also causes my adb status to be offline when i try to run run.bat the only way i can reach an online adb status is by going to device manager and updating the kindle with the yield sign. this leaves me with kindle or E:\ that when i go to update drivers for that it says "windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date. WPD FileSystem Volume Driver" under portable devices while android phone up at the top has the android composite adb interface like i said adb online status only. unknown boot status though!! and when i run run.bat i get error codes "2362 kb/s (510876 bytes in 0.211s) couldnt write bp1, panic! the kindle has been told to reboot in fastboot mode. twrp.img has been found. fff.bin has been found. NOTICE 12402 [main] cat 7332 find_fast_cwd:WARNING: couldnt compute FAST_CWD pointer report problem to.... 1[main] cat 6660 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: couldnt compute FAST_CWD pointer report problem to.... fastbooot uses a different device than adb. you should check device manager for "kindle" or "amazon" if you see it rerun the driver installer that came packaged with kfu installying fff... " somebody please get me back on track with fixing this stupid thing lol


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