AHK Tutorial #6 – Convert AHK Script to Standalone EXE Program

You have installed AHK and created a few simple scripts now. You have also run the scripts and seen them work. You would now have understood to run the AHK scripts you must have the AHK software installed. Correct. But what about those laptops where AHK is not installed? and you still want to run the scripts. Don’t worry, AHK has a compiler which will compile your scripts into a Standalone EXE Program which can be run on any laptop or computer without installing AHK.

AHK comes in with a compiler along with its file. If you check in the folder where AHK is installed, you will notice a folder named Compiler.

If you open this folder you will notice an application called AHK2exe. This is the compiler which does the trick.

What is a compiler, you ask?
In simple non-techie words, it “changes” your script/code so that it can be run on any computer.

Okay, now lets convert a script to an EXE program.

  1. Browse to your AHK script directory.
  2. Right-click on the script which you want to make into an EXE program.
  3. Wait for a few seconds, and you should have your EXE file in the same folder with the same name.
  4. Now you can share this EXE program between different computers and users.

There are different levels of compilations like adding a password, or making your code private so nobody can view it. But that’s another post in the future.

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  1. how do I add more information to compiled exe


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