How to Revoke Permissions from Google Account given to Other Websites

Most people I know have a Google account. The one thing which I personally like about Google account, is that you can sign in to many popular websites without having to register and create a new account. Over some time, like me, most people might end up signing in with Google to so many websites that they forget they had given permission to those websites. With today’s growing concern about sharing information online, one needs to regularly check and keep track of such permissions. So this post is about where you can find the permissions given and how to revoke them.

Go to the URL below. You might need to sign in to your Google account if you already haven’t. Alternatively you can also login to your Google or Gmail and navigate to Accounts >> Security.

A page like this will show up.

Google Account Security Settings

Click on the button which says “Edit” for “Authorizing applications and sites”. A page like below should show up with all the websites you have given permissions to.

Website permissions

Here, click on “Revoke Access” for all the websites which you no longer use with Google, and you are good to go.

Let me know if this helped you in keeping your online information a little more cleaned up and safe.


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