Google Tasks Canvas Mode

I use Google tasks to manage my to-do lists. Because:

  1. It is simple and easy.
  2. I already use many Google products like Gmail, GDocs, GCal, and it's easy to sync my tasks. 
  3. I use Astrid on my Android phone, and it is synced with my GTasks, and makes my list easily accessible and editable on-the-go.
Anyways, cutting the chase, here is the URL to access Google Tasks as a stand alone tab/webpage. It has a lot of editable features, very user friendly and simple. Just bookmark it and you have to log in using your Google ID. You don't need to now open you GMail to use your lists. 

The other URL without the canvas version, but just like the one you see on on GMail is 

You can also bookmark this on your smartphone! The canvas theme can also be bookmarked but it might not align properly on a small screen. I haven't tested, but that's probably the case. 

Hope it helps you!

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