Crop Cell Contents in Excel

If you are an avid user of excel or use Excel extensively at your work or school, then its good to know the formula built into excel to make your task easier.

For example, if you had a big list of "something" and you need to make a list of it of the first 5 characters, or maybe last 10 characters. Hmmm.

Don't think more, excel has an inbuilt crop function to do that. Use "LEFT" function to retain characters starting from left side of the text, and use "RIGHT" function to retain characters starting from the right end of the text. This below figure should help you understand better.

Its pretty easy right. Now go crop your text data. 

Okay, so what if you wanted to retain all the text from left but the last 3 characters? Don't worry, here is the formula for that. 

Hope this helps!

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